Leesa Robinson


Leesa Robinson is an American born Talent Agent, Executive Producer and Film and Television Producer.

Leesa's mother was a model of the early 1960's at

a time when modeling was about grace, class and sophistication.


Leesa learned at an early age the charm of her mother and has grown up in the fashion industry and opened her first agency in 1999.

Leesa has written several workbooks and a model management day planner exclusive to her agency. 


Leesa will be incorporating a learning facility within the agency to teach not only modeling and acting but also charm and confidence to create not only models but role models.


Leesa Robinson is the star of her own show, Power Divas In Charge

Leesa is a producer and executive producer known for The 10th Man, Affiliated, Play Pretty, The Buddy Prima Story and Stand Strong for Justice.

The Leesa Robinson Agency has locations in 45 States, With more to open in London and Italy in 2021/2022.



Executive Producer/Producer